Facts are often bitter, but we have to face them at some point. Acne is one of the most annoying things that occur on the skin, which is painful and also makes one’s face ugly. If teenagers were ransomed for it, even adults are affected by it – Read about the Revitol Acnezine full system solution for adults…

Adult acne has become very common and can be quite a hassle to fix. Many who have acne do not worry about it anymore, as they have given up hope on getting a resolution. Now, that is a misconception as acne like any other skin disease can be cured. There are so many ways to get rid of acne. However to get that kind of clarity on it, the symptoms, causes and a few ways to get rid of adult acne must be known. We are going to focus more on those here.

Adult Acne Symptoms

Adult Acne Symptoms

Acne can appear anywhere in one’s body, though face if affected the most. Other common target areas are neck, back and shoulders. More often, acne is preceded by an unexplained pain around the affected pore, followed by redness. There are different types of acne, with two broad classifications as inflammatory and the other being non-inflammatory. Whenever hair follicles or pores are blocked with dirt, typically attracted due to excess oil around them, combined with dead skin cells and bacteria, non-inflammatory acne occurs. The inflammatory ones are called as papules, pustules or pimples, nodules and cysts. Now these symptoms does not mean that meeting a doctor is highly imperative, as acne is a very common skin disorder and cure is possible with simple home remedies.

Adult Acne Causes

Acne not only affects teens, but also adults, at times. But then, what causes it? Acne is triggered due to excess oil secretion resulting in clogged pores. To brief, there are sebaceous glands in our skin, which secrete oil for hydration and protection. This sebum or oil gets clogged in the pores, which are small openings and this in turn attracts bacteria and dust. Together, it triggers inflammation and acne outbreak. This is called as acne. Now, in adults,  it is caused by hypersensitivity or an abundance of androgen production. Another reason is the imbalance of estrogen in both male and female counterparts. Quite a few medications can also trigger acne. All these are major factors that contribute an acne outbreak.

Tips that Help Cure Acne

Even though acne is dreadful, ugly and annoying, it is not permanent. It is by all means treatable by following simple steps that would sound ridiculously simple. There are so many all-natural creams and natural remedies that help in getting rid of acne quickly. There are cleansers, creams and lotions that help cure or prevent acne. There are creams or gels that prevent or treat acne and work for teens, while there are special products launched for treating adult acne. However, consulting your health specialist is ideal, though home remedies and natural products and safe more often

Drinking a lot of water also helps preventing acne, as it prevents congestion in one’s and regulates oil secretion. Reducing oily or fried foods, typically high-fat foods can fight acne outbreaks or prevent an outbreak.

Antioxidants and foods rich in vitamins are a great way to help cure acne faster and prevent an outbreak.

Acne could be a little difficult to get around, sometimes. However, with the right technique and consultation one could get rid of adult acne and keep their skin picture perfect.

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