Though hair growth is a normal phenomenon, excess hair growth, especially in women, can be extremely embarrassing.

Facial hair is the most common complaint in women, though hair on one’s hands, legs, or underarm hair can also be a cause of worry. Read my Revitol Hair Removal Cream review for an all natural hair removal solution…

Though hormones play a key role in unwanted hair growth, it could be curbed using tropical remedies. Alternatively, hair removal can also be done at home.

There are a lot of homemade kitchen ingredient variations that can help you to remove the hair from the root and thus are considered effective. The problem lies in the fact that it may take some time to observe a real change and some sustainable natural safe results. However, sticking to these homemade kitchen DIY methods will  obviously show great results if are used persistently…

Although shaving the unwanted hair from our body has become a common ground when talking about hair removal. However, please note that shaving the facial hair is a bit problematic as it will result in faster hair growth which will be problematic to eradicate afterwards. As there are a lot of homemade effective methods to get rid of unwanted hair, you should try a few and decide for yourself what is the best alternative to remove hair, considering your face sensitivity and skin…

At Home Waxing Turmeric Recipe

Let’s take a look at the below turmeric based at home waxing hair removal DIY method which I personally recommend:

Turmeric Hair Removal

Name: Turmeric Mask

Purpose: Facial / Body Hair Removal


Turmeric – 2 Tsp

Chickpea Flour – 2 Tsp

Milk – As Needed

Fresh Cream – 1 Tbsp


Step 1 – Take a mixing bowl and add in all the ingredients. You can add more turmeric powder or flour based on your requirements.

Step 2 – Mix well and ensure there are no lumps. The consistency should be thick, not runny.

Step 3 – Apply the paste after washing your face.

Step 4 – Leave it for about 25 minutes or longer (till it dries completely).

Step 5 – Remove the dried paste by rubbing with palms in the opposite direction of hair growth.

Tip: Applying turmeric powder during shower and washing off reduces hair growth.

Let’s look at some other DIY at home hair removal methods:

1) Sugar based solution – Rubbing and massaging your face with sticky sugar granules may result in natural removal of unwanted hair if done correctly. Note that this method is effective also as a natural scrub for removal of facial hair as well.

2) Honey based solution – Honey by definition is extremely sticky and thus may be a great agent in removing unwanted hair from the skin and especially from the face. Sometime it is mixed with lemon to create an efficient facial scrub alternative.

3) Mustard Oil based solution – Mustard Oil is an effective alternative to remove hair from both skin & face. Rubbing and massaging the face with Mustard Oil will exfoliate dead cells from your skin and remove naturally unwanted hair as well…

4) Cornflour & Sugar based solution – The mix of cornflour, sugar and egg white creates a thick scrub that is highly effective in removing the hair from the root…


P.S. – Unwanted hair may be extremely uncomfortable, especially for women… The natural ways to get rid of hair are the most recommended ones…

Please check out the all natural Revitol Hair Removal cream review to see whether this natural solution can be of use…

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