As promised, here’s a follow-up post on the different carrier oils that you can use with essential oils. Pick and choose from the long list and use the one that suits you best!

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Sweet Almond Oil

One of the most popular oils in Aromatherapy, Sweet Almond Oil is extracted from the kernels of Almond tree. It is a great skin emollient and restores lost skin moisture. It is suitable for all skin types and helps curb inflammation, irritation and itching. It lubricates the skin and makes it softer. It takes a while to absorb, hence considered ideal for massage or as night or winter oil. It is used in several hair care products, owing to the rich essential fatty acids that aid with hair growth.

Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is extracted from the flesh of Avocado and looks great in bright green color. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory that can soothe irritated or sensitive skin. Rich in Phytosterols, it can curb itching. It also offers protection from UV rays, so added to sun protection products.

According to studies, Avocado oil can boost collagen production, which ensures your skin is supple and soft. It can also delay aging skin signs and promote skin rejuvenation. Rich in sterols, it can heal damaged skin.

It is an incredible skin moisturizer that restores skin elasticity. It is rich in Vitamins B1, A, B5, B2 and D, Squalene, Lecithin and essential fatty acids.  It has a shelf life of 1 year, though the life can be extended by adding Vitamin E oil.

It can penetrate skin deeply and is of moderate consistency.

Calendula Oil

Calendula oil is rich in vulnerary and anti-inflammatory properties, so it is great for healing wounds, ulcers, varicose veins, bed sores, eczema, acne, etc. It can soothe inflamed or dry skin and used to treat nappy rashes, cracked nipples, spider veins, etc.

It is relaxing massage oil, so ideal for massage.

Evening Primrose Oil

Evening primrose oil is considered miracle oil, thanks to its ability to treat different disorders. It is rich in  phenylalanine and Vitamin C, making it ideal for dealing with aging skin signs, headache, curbing pain, obesity, PMS, etc. Extracted from the evening primrose plant, it is rich in anti-inflammatory properties and used to soothe arthritis inflicted pains. It can nourish and protect the skin from dryness and damage. It is also used to treat scalp problems, though has a relatively shorter shelf life.

Wheat Germ Oil

25% of the nutrients in wheat rest with the wheat germ! As a result, wheat germ oil is rich in essential fatty acids and Vitamin E, making it ideal skincare oil. It is added to Evening Primrose Oil to increase its shelf life, quite often.

It promotes cell regeneration, reversal of skin damage inflicted due to UV rays and also helps relieve symptoms associated with dermatitis. However, it is quite thick and is often diluted with other carrier oils for lighter consistency. It is extremely nourishing and very good as massage oil.

Safflower Oil

Extracted from Safflower seeds, it is considered as an excellent moisturizer. It is said to improve the quality of hair and gives it a nice sheen when applied regularly. It is rich in anti-aging properties, so helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

Rich in anti-inflammatory properties, it can help with treating eczema and acne. It boosts skin sebum production and clears pores. It is also said to curb acne breakouts, whiteheads and blackheads.

Rosehip Oil


Quite rare, this is often adulterated and pricey. It is rich in GLA, which can help reverse signs of aging like crow’s feet, wrinkles and fine lines.

It is also said to aid with scar healing, thanks to the powerful regeneration abilities of this oil. Its healing properties aid with reduction of scars, burn marks, stretch marks, acne scars, etc.

It works like an astringent and said to curb acne breakouts, especially for those with oily skin. However, some report aggravated acne outbreaks with use!

These are just a few oils to get you started with! Stay tuned, as we will add more carrier or base oils along with their benefits soon. Don’t have time for DIY recipes? No worries, at Revitol, we have you covered!

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