Simple & Easy DIY Recipes for Skincare! thumbnail

Skincare doesn’t have to be pricey and tough. You can get flawless skin, by following these simple tips and using DIY recipes. Wanna know more? Click to Read the Full Article =>

DIY Simple & Easy Sunscreen thumbnail

Sunscreen is a must, not just during scorching summers, but during others days or seasons too. This is because, sunscreen protects your skin from harmful UV rays, which are present even during cold winters! Here’s a simple DIY Sunscreen you can try, to protect your skin at all times. Click to Read the Full Article =>

DIY Tinted Lip Balm thumbnail

If you are tired of the chemicals and unwanted add-ins to commercial lip balms that claim to be natural, here’s a DIY Lip Balm recipe you will love. Click to Read the Full Article =>

Quick, Easy & Effective DIY Foundation thumbnail

Many of us use a foundation to conceal spots, to even out complexion or even as a makeup base. But using chemical-laden foundation does no good! Want to give DIY Foundation a try? Click to Read the Full Article =>

DIY Aloe MakeUp Remover thumbnail

Many of us do use make-up every other day. But removing the makeup applied is very important, if you want clear and healthy skin. Ready for the recipe, yet? Click to Read the Full Article =>

DIY Creamy Mangolicious Body Butter thumbnail

Want a luscious creamy butter that you can slather on your skin? Try out this simple and easy body butter recipe for a welcome change! Click to Read the Full Article =>

Natural Ingredients for Skincare – Part 2 thumbnail

This is a follow-up post to this one, with natural ingredients that help with general skincare and for treating skin conditions. Ready? Click to Read the Full Article =>

DIY Cracked Heel Rescue thumbnail

Cracked heel is a very embarrassing problem and quite common in women.  Want to know how you can treat it with simple home remedies? Check out this DIY Cracked Heel Rescue, for welcome relief from cracked heels. Click to Read the Full Article =>

Top DIY Spot Acne Treatments thumbnail

Acne can be worrying and embarrassing. However, there are quick and easy fixes you can try. Don’t have time for this DIY recipe? No worries, reach for Revitol Acnezine. Click to Read the Full Article =>

DIY Easy Moisturizer for All Seasons! thumbnail

We all love to pamper ourselves at some point or the other. Don’t we? DIY recipes are a sure shot way to indulge and do interesting stuff. Don’t worry, we are using tried and tested natural ingredients that won’t affect your skin, much like our all-natural Revitol series. Click to Read the Full Article =>

DIY Facial Serum for Aging Skin thumbnail

Taking care of aging skin is quite tricky, especially when you want to reverse or prevent aging signs. Here’s a simple DIY Facial Serum for Aging Skin, which you can use to bolster the effects of Revitol Anti-Aging Cream.

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