Clove oil has been deployed for several treatments for centuries by alternative medicine experts.

Have a gum problem? Cuts or skin related issues? Tooth ache? What not! Clove oil is recommended for these and many other purposes!

Clove Oil Uses

What makes Clove Oil so special?

Clove oil is believed to help prevent or treat a few types of cancer and improve one’s immunity and cardiovascular health. Basically, cloves have an active ingredient called Eugenol oil, which is 60 – 90% of a clove’s composition. This oil is believed to kill fungi, bacteria, viruses, etc. Besides, it’s an anesthetic, antiseptic, aromatic, digestive stimulant, astringent and antispasmodic. Clove Oil does more than just getting you a pretty face by clearing acne.

Having suffered with severe headaches for most part, I use clove oil for getting rid of it with good results :-)

Clove Oil Uses

What to know more about Clove Oil, history and uses? Read on to know more about how Clove Oil is useful and why you must have it in your home!


Clove Oil is considered as an oil with miraculous properties. It’s use dates back to the period of Han Dynasty, around 207B.C to 220 A.D. Back then, it was used to hide bad breath. Anyone who wanted to speak to the emperor should hold a clove piece to avoid bad breath. In due course, Chinese medicine found more uses for clove and deployed it for treating indigestion, hernias, diarrhea, ringworm, fungus infections, athlete’s foot, etc. From there, it moved to Europe and then the Americas. The Americans were the first to extract Clove Oil.


Toothache: Haven’t heard your parents tell you to bite a clove pod when you had toothache? Yes, most of us would have heard! Clove has many properties, including serving as an anesthetic. Besides, it also kills germs, bacteria, viruses, etc. That’s one reason why clove helps when held against a painful tooth. It soothes the pain and also, helps deal with cavity causing bacteria. Though clove oil is strong and not recommended for direct application, in cases of tooth ache, you can dab a cotton ball and use it safely for treating painful tooth.

Insect Repellent: Clove Oil is a mainstay in most insect repellent sprays. You could safely use clove oil at home for this purpose or dab a few drops on yourself to avoid mosquito bites.

Air Freshener: Why spend a few hundred dollars on room fresheners? Just mix a few drops of clove oil in water and spray in your room. It serves as an effective air freshener.

Food Poisoning: Since Clove Oil is an effective anti-bacterial, it works wonders for food poisoning by killing bacteria responsible for the infection.

Wounds & Cuts: Being an anti-septic, it can be used on wounds or cuts for quicker healing.

Rejuvenation: In Aromatherapy, Clove Oil is used for individuals who are low on energy levels.

Sore Throat: Having a sore throat? Gargle it away with Clove Oil!

Indigestion, Gas or Flatulence? Clove Oil can come to your rescue for many stomach or gas related disorders. It aids with digestion, relives pain and discomfort associated with gas, gets rid of flatulence and other indigestion related issues. It also helps with relieving nausea and motion sickness.

Headache: Clove Oil is known for getting rid of persistent headaches. Wet a rug and place it over your forehead or temples for instant relief.

De-Stress with a Clove Tea! As mentioned earlier, Clove Oil is used for improving energy levels. Likewise, it’s also an excellent de-stressor, as it invigorates the circulatory system and relaxes oneself. It reduces exhaustion, fatigue and stress and a handy aid for those with sleeping issues or insomnia, anxiety, memory loss, etc.

Infections: Being good at treating infections, Clove Oil is used for getting rid of prickly heat, scabies and many other bacterial or fungal skin infections.

Acne: Clove oil is long recommended for acne and acne related issues. Applying clove oil directly on cystic acne can give welcome relief. Worried about direct clove oil application? Clove Oil can sting and not recommended for direct application in most cases, as it can damage sensitive nerve endings. For this reason, many don’t prefer using undiluted Clove Oil.

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