Many of us do use make-up every other day. But removing the makeup applied is very important, if you want clear and healthy skin. Ready for the recipe, yet?

Many can’t do without makeup, especially when having an active social life. However, makeup should be removed thoroughly before going to sleep, so your skin can breathe. It is very important that you remove your makeup using mild but effective makeup removers. Though there are many options out there, not many are natural and organic. Here’s a quick DIY recipe that you can try for removing makeup.


Jojoba Oil – 4 Tbsp.

Vitamin E Oil – a few drops / 1 Capsule

Aloe Vera Gel – 4 Tbsp.

Lavender Essential Oil – 1 – 2 drops

Distilled Water – as needed.


In a mixing bowl, scoop out the Aloe Vera gel and mash it well using a spoon.

Now, use a pin to prick the Vitamin E Capsule and pour the oil into the mixing bowl. If you are using Vitamin E oil, just add a few drops to the bowl.

Also add the Jojoba Oil and Lavender Essential oil and mix well.

Add distilled water to get your preferred consistency and transfer it to a sterilized jar.


Using the Makeup Remover

It’s no rocket Science! Using this is very simple & easy!

Shake the bottle well to make sure the oil is not separated from Aloe Vera.

Take a cotton ball and dab it with the makeup remover you just prepared. Place the cotton pad for a second or two in your eyes and slowly wipe off to remove dirt, impurities and eye makeup. You can now use it to remove face makeup.

Use every night, to remove makeup and impurities before hitting the bed. You can use this for your face and neck.

You don’t need to wash or rinse your face after using this mild cleanser, as it is an all-natural and also a nourishing blend. However, if you want to rinse off, or feel oily, rinse off with warm water.

Since this recipe is extremely mild, you can use it to remove eye makeup also.

Tweaking the Recipe

You can skip adding distilled water, if you are fine with a gel-like consistency. If you prefer liquid-like consistency, then adding water will be ideal.

You can choose Olive Oil, Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Arpicot Kernel Oil, etc. Any nourishing base oil should do the trick. The oil breaks down the components in makeup and removes it gently but effectively. You can also use this recipe to remove waterproof makeup.

You can use any soothing and mild essential oil like Carrot Seed Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil or Helichrysum Essential Oil. For some, Tea Tree Essential Oil should work well, too! However, if you want to use other essential oils or looking at stronger makeup remover, do two recipes one for eye makeup and one for your face and neck.

If you aren’t very sensitive, you can add 4 Tsps. Witch Hazel. However, if you think it stings your eyes, skip it. Adding Witch Hazel is great for pimple or acne-prone and oily skin.

This recipe is mild, yet potent and can remove waterproof or long-lasting makeup. You won’t need anything else. However, if you want to make it better, or feel it is incomplete without soap, you can add ½ Tsp. of Liquid Castile Soap. Make sure to rinse off to ensure there’s no residue left behind.

Additional Tips

You can also use Shea Butter, or Milk to remove makeup. If you are tired, you can use a cotton ball dipped in raw milk to remove dirt, impurities or makeup. If you plan to use Shea Butter, you can apply Shea Butter using your fingers and wipe off with cotton or face rug. Wash off with warm water.

Do try out this DIY Makeup Remover and feed us back with your results. Feel free to tweak the recipe like outlined above, or try out your own variations. Do you use store brought cosmetics, or love to try DIY Makeup recipes? Stay tuned, we are planning to add DIY Eyeliner, Mascara, Foundation, Bronzer, etc. If you don’t have time for these DIY recipes, feel free to use Revitol products for your skin problems.

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