Have you ever heard of dry shampoos? Not really? No worries, they’re very simple. Want to know more?

Dry shampoos are suggested by doctors for elderly patients and for those with cold and sinus related problems. But do you know they’re a great idea for anyone? Besides, they are environment friendly, all natural and can be done at home! What’s not to like about it?

Also, there’s no washing time needed, which means, you apply, brush off and you’re done! Just a jiffy and you’re all fresh and neat! It’s ideal for working women who don’t have time to wash off their hair very often, when juggling between professional and personal responsibilities.

Give it a try and see how your hair and scalp feels like. After all, if you don’t like it, you can just revert back to your hair routine. Yes, dry shampoos are now available in most stores. But, they are chemical laden, unlike Revitol skincare products that are all natural! Why not prepare it at home? After all, it is cheaper, easier and better! So ready for a change?


Simple Dry Shampoo

Arrowroot Powder – 5 Tbsps.
Essential Oil – 5 Drops


Just add the essential oil to arrowroot powder and mix well.

Transfer to a dry and sterilised sprinkler.

Use as needed.

Dry Shampoo for Blonde Hair


Baby Powder
Corn Starch / Arrowroot Powder
Baking Soda


You can take all the ingredients in equal proportions, or reduce baking soda quantity if you think it is too harsh.

Once you decide the ratio, combine the ingredients in a saltshaker container for ease of use.

Shake well and use as needed.

Tweaking the Recipe

Since not many prefer cornstarch, arrowroot powder is a good alternative.

If you have blonde hair, cornstarch is your friend.

You can add essential oils for added aroma, or to counter the baby powder smell!

Dry Shampoo for Dark Hair


Arrowroot Powder – 4 Tsps.
Cocoa Powder – 4 Tsps.
Essential Oil of your Choice – 5 Drops


In a mixing bowl, combine all the ingredients and mix well.

Transfer to a sterilised and dried saltshaker and use as needed.

Tweaking the Recipe

If you have amber red hair, or slightly reddish hue, cinnamon powder is a good add in. You can add 2 Tsps. or Cocoa Powder and 2 Tsps. of Cinnamon Powder in that case. Make sure the cocoa powder is NOT sweetened.

Don’t want to add cinnamon powder or cocoa powder? No worries, just sprinkle the shampoo at night, massage and hit the bed. Brush off in the morning, or sleep after brushing off. There would be no residue in the morning.


Just part your hair into small portions and sprinkle the dry shampoo on your scalp.

Massage and cover evenly, without leaving any gap on your scalp. A teaspoon for a time should do. That way, your hair or scalp won’t become too dry.

You can use an old makeup brush to apply, though many feel it is easier to sprinkle and brush off later!

Brush off!

Easy Breezy Spray Shampoo for Curly Hair

I know, dry shampooing curly hair can get very messy and difficult. But, here’s a simple way to get it done.


Arrowroot Powder / Cornstarch – 4 Tbsps.
Essential Oil – a few drops
Vodka/Witch Hazel/Rubbing Alcohol – 60 Ml


In a sprayer, combine all the ingredients and shake well.

Use as needed. Make sure to shake before every use.


Shake the container and spray the shampoo to oily parts of hair and roots.

Massage for a few seconds and let it dry!

It should last 3 – 4 months.

General Notes

Some consider baking soda as harsh. However, baking soda is very good and when used sparingly, does not damage your hair. However, if you think otherwise, reduce the quantity or skip it altogether!

Arrowroot powder is fairly translucent or transparent, so does not leave a white residue that’s very visible. So suits those with dark hair, or for those who don’t want to use cornstarch.

If you use cinnamon or cocoa powder, you don’t need additional fragrance or essential oils. However, if you choose to add, Lavender, Mint and Citrus oils are a good match.

Dry shampoos last good for long, though when you add essential oils, make sure to consume before their expiry dates.

All these recipes are natural, simple and easy. Do try and let us know how to feels! Don’t have time for DIY recipes? Check Revitol products for any skin problems you may have.

I love exploring ,analyzing and writing about health related issues and natural solutions for our skin and health... Thanks for stopping by, reading my post and I hope it helped you and gave you the information needed!