We have already explained about Rosacea and a few Home Remedies to treat Rosacea and related symptoms naturally. As on date, there’s no cure for this condition in modern medicine and most doctors recommend antibiotics or even steroids depending on the intensity of the breakouts. Do you know Revitol Rosacea Cream is used by many with good results?

Why go Natural?

Any chronic condition without medication means, you use strong drugs to curb the symptoms and not the problem itself. This means, the duration of the medication can be longer and the side-effects can be worse. Most Rosacea drugs do cause stomach upset, acidity, fatigue and even severe headaches and nausea. With natural methods, you don’t have to put up with side-effects.

Home Remedies for Rosacea

More Natural Remedies for Rosacea

Green Tea

We all know green tea is a great anti-inflammatory. It is this property that comes in handy to help those with Rosacea. Applying green tea soaks can help curb inflammation and associated redness of Rosacea.

Vinegar Soaks

The regular white table vinegar is all you need to curb Rosacea breakouts. Dilute one part white vinegar in six parts water and apply to affected areas. Vinegar acts as a natural disinfectant and curbs the bacteria and yeast that trigger Rosacea, or worsen the symptoms.

However, while this works for most people for some, there’s been a flare-up post Vinegar soak. So test a small area before applying on the affected areas.

Epsom Salt Soaks

Many Rosacea patients, who take up the alternative route, said they have relief with Epsom salt soaks. They follow up with toning by using Apple Cider Vinegar and apply tea tree oil and calamine lotion. Many say this regimen helps them curb Rosacea related symptoms.

Chamomile Soak

Boil a handful of Chamomile for about ten minutes and refrigerate it. Whenever Rosacea flares up and you need a cold compress, dab a cotton ball into the mixture you have refrigerated and apply to Rosacea infected areas for relief.

Chamomile has active ingredients like flavonoids and, which help relieve Rosacea symptoms. With anti-inflammatory properties of Chamomile, it will help reduce inflammation. However, if you plan to take Chamomile internally, ensure you don’t have bleeding problems as it is a known “blood-thinner”.

Camphor Oil Rub

In a study, Rosacea patients were asked to apply 1:3 ratios of camphor oil and glycerol, mixed with 500 mg of metronidazole to clean face, for about fifteen days. The results were positive and no side-effects were observed in participants.

Camphor oil is absorbed readily into the skin and has antimicrobial and analgesic properties. Camphor oil is proven to be effective against Demodicid mites, which are common in Rosacea infested areas. This is one reason why Camphor oil was probably effective; however, ensure that you dilute it well before application as it can burn!

Licorice Rub

A gel containing Licorice extracts can help soothe Rosacea, when applied twice a day. The Glycyrrhizinic acid has been proven to soothe dermatitis, reduce edema, erythema and itching within two weeks.

Mask of Cool Cucumber

Cucumber is a known coolant and also helps soothe inflammation, a reason why it’s a mainstay in many cosmetics. Blend few pieces of fresh and apply it as a mask every day. You can rinse off after thirty minute and the results are obvious after a month’s use.

Aloe Gel

We all have read a lot about Aloe Vera and lot’s written about this wonderful plant here. Apply fresh Aloe Gel to affected areas twice daily to get rid of Rosacea. You can also take this internally to curb symptoms.

Rosehip Oil

Applying a few drops of Rosehip oil to the affected areas everyday can relieve Rosacea symptoms. Not only this, it can treat sunburn, eczema, scars, etc.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is a known anti-inflammatory and an excellent skin soother. When applied topically every day, it can bring welcome relief for those putting up with Rosacea.

These are a few more home remedies for Rosacea you can try. Though there are no major side-effects reported, as with any herbal remedy, trying and testing is a key step with finding the right remedy for you. Some might work for a few, while other might notice aggravation of symptoms. So apply to a small area and ensure it does not trigger allergy, before applying to the affected areas.

Once you identify what works for you best, stick with that routine till Rosacea fades. Don’t have time to try our different remedies, or scared or backlashes? Try the all-natural, hypo-allergic Rosacea cream from Revitol.

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