Pregnancy is sure a happy feeling, but many women dread the appearance of stretch marks silently! Not just pregnant women, many others do get stretch marks and they’re bound to appear in areas where there’s a drastic change in body weight.

Stretch marks are considered ugly and many feel insecure or depressed with the appearance of stretch marks. Post-delivery abdomen stretch marks are well-known, though stretch marks can also appear in hips, thighs, upper arms, breasts of pregnant women, or teens or adults going through a massive body weight change.

Pregnant Woman With No Stretch Marks

While already existing stretch marks could be lightened, averting the appearance of new ones is challenging. Many women, about 95%, do get stretch marks post-delivery. Many are ready to go to any extent to get rid of them, though looking at natural alternatives and remedial measures is advisable.

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Do you know there are many ways to deal with or prevent stretch marks naturally? Check out the home remedies given below for reducing, preventing or dealing with stretch marks.

Lightening Stretch Marks

Lemon Juice: Though not an uncommon suggestion, lemon juice is just one very effective lightening agent, due to it’s bleaching properties. Applying lemon juice regularly helps lighten stretch marks and makes them less visible.

Egg Whites: Want to lighten the stretch marks? Do you have eggs? Just remove the white of an egg or two, beat it well and apply it in the affected areas. Wash off after it dries off. You can follow it up with a moisturizer after washing off.

Potato Juice: Like lemon juice, potato juice is also known for it’s bleaching properties and hence ideal when you want to lighten the stretch marks.

Oil Massage: In most countries, especially India, pregnant women are given an oil massage before shower. They’re given an oil massage with coconut, castor or olive oil. These oils are good at moisturizing the skin and reducing wrinkles. They’re then given a hot water shower. It is believed that this process will reduce the appearance of stretch marks and was followed religiously. The oils are warmed for better results. However, for castor oil, since it denser, warming it prior to application is just not enough! Wrapping the massaged area with a towel dipped in warm water, or applying hot water bag to the area helps with better absorption and penetration. Applying a mixture of olive oil and coconut oil or either of these oils help with reduction and lightening of stretch marks. You can do this at night and rinse off in the morning.

Here are few effective homemade recipes to deal with stretch marks:

Removing / Reducing Stretch Marks

Vitamin E Oil: Vitamin E Oil helps rebuild lost collagen and hence very good at dealing with stretch marks. It helps reduce and repair the affected areas, considerably reducing stretch marks or getting rid of them. It is believed that using Vitamin E Oil during pregnancy (applying it in one’s abdomen), can avert stretch marks.

Aloe Vera Gel: Stretch Marks appear when the skin loses it’s elasticity. Aloe Vera is an excellent choice when you want to restore skin elasticity. Apply Aloe Vera gel to reduce stretch marks. You can also add Vitamin E Oil for better results.

Butter it Up: Do you know applying shea butter or cocoa butter or both during pregnancy reduces the possibility of stretch marks post-delivery? You can start applying butter during the early stages of pregnancy; however, in case you missed it back then, you can use it to reduce your stretch marks now.

Having a healthy and balanced diet is also said to be a contributing factor in reduction of stretch marks. A diet rich in greens, vegetables and fruits is considered ideal. Ensuring hydration at all times is a must too.

Stretch marks can be depressing or embarrassing for many. Instead of going for aggressive methods that can turn out harmful, adopting natural methods and solutions is the way to go.

Check out these at home remedies to get rid of stretch marks:

Try to follow the above given suggestions and home remedies to get rid of stretch marks effectively and quickly.

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