Rosacea is a skin condition that affects women more, especially who are in their forties. Revitol Rosacea Cream in one all-natural topical solution for this problem, though internal remedies come in handy to manage this skin condition effectively.

Since the tender blood vessels of the face are affected, the area around the nose and typically the central face is marred with red spots. When Rosacea is ignored, it results in bulged or disfigured nose, also called bulbous red nose or Rhinophyma.

Nose Skin Thickening

Rosacea tends to affect individuals who have a fair skin and probably are of Celtic ancestry. Flushing of the face is a common sign, though symptoms worsen with exposure to sun, consuming spicy foods or stimulants like coffee, tea or even alcohol. This also highlights it’s more than just a skin deep problem! Let’s take a look at Home Remedies for Rosacea you can try.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Of course, the smell can be off-putting, but it is an effective way to balance your body’s pH levels. Consuming about two teaspoons of ACV diluted in a glass of warm water can be had twice daily.


Zinc is a very important micronutrient for our body. When micronutrients are taken in adequate quantities several problems can be averted. In that line, consuming about 25mg of Zinc daily can help fight Rosacea.

Flaxseed Oil

Yes, the oil taken from flaxseeds is a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids. Do you know it’s a great way to fight off Rosacea? Consume a teaspoon thrice daily, to fight off Rosacea symptoms and bring down the infection.

Grapeseed Extract

You have probably heard how Grapeseed oil helps your skin, but little did you know it is available as a supplement for internal consumption! Taking about 50mg Grapeseed extract thrice daily can bring down Rosacea symptoms.

Vitamin B Complex

For many ailments Vitamin B Complex is the first advice given by most doctors. Though we were left wondering as to why they do it, they were never wrong! Many problems including body aches and joint cramps can be curbed, when Vitamin B Complex is consumed in adequate quantities. About 100mg of this all-round Vitamin daily can help with Rosacea.


Red Clover Tea


Red Clover is another natural remedy you can consider for treating Rosacea. It helps bring down inflammation and redness associated with Rosacea. Sip Red Clover tea twice daily for welcome relief from redness and burning sensation.

Cat’s Claw Extract

Cat’s Claw is a herb and a very excellent remedy for treating Rosacea symptoms. About 500mg should help soothe Rosacea, though avoid it if you are nursing or expecting.

Vitamin C

Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, Vitamin C is a great way to manage Rosacea inflammation. About 500mg daily should help soothe Rosacea.


Found in many vegetables and fruits, beta-carotene helps body synthesize Vitamin A. It helps with skin repair and strengthens blood capillaries. Try to increase beta-carotene rich foods and also, try finding a good supplement that will help get adequate Beta-carotene every day.


Centella extracts are from a popular herb called Centella, widely used in Indian medicine for multiple purposes. It is known for its ability to curb blood pressure, boost collagen production and reduce inflammation. Taking about 100mg of this herb helps bring down Rosacea inflammation.


Like many other conditions triggered by bacteria, Rosacea calms down with the introduction of Probiotics in one’s diet. Either induct unsweetened Yogurt or get Probiotics from a drug store.

I hope the long list of home remedies for Rosacea should help you with multiple options to get started with. Like always, try and find the combination that works best for you. Since all the above given options are harmless, you should not have any problems with inducting them.

Many problems need more than topical or skin-deep medications. It is important to consume foods that help with fighting off the problem, from the root rather than at skin-level. Likewise, for Rosacea these home remedies can come in handy to fight off the condition, or manage it effectively.

Till the symptoms come down, you can also apply Revitol Rosacea Cream topically, which is important especially if you are working, or having a social circle to keep up with. Do try the home remedies and feed us back with your results.

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