The Meladerm cream seem to lead the skin lightening creams today according to customer reviews…

Since there are a lot of skin lightening alternatives in the market, I have tried to give you an honest thorough comparison review between the Meladerm cream and the Revitol Skin Brightener

As everybody has its own needs and preferences, you will need to read the analysis yourself in order to figure out what is better for you :-)

What is the Meladerm Cream Product?

meladerm_216_201Meladerm skin lightening is a facial care product that focuses on brightening the skin.
It helps with the following issues:
– Appearance of dark spots, scars, and other blemishes

–  Reduces circles under the eyes.

–  Reduces wrinkles

–  Helps to even out your tone with no skin damage

This product has been proved effective for as long as it’s been on the market (since 2003), and the focus on skin health really makes this product stand out.

Meladerm has similar ingredients to other creams on the market, but the research behind it is above and beyond any other research on skin care available in this realm of creams.

There are three categories of ingredients in Meladerm, each is designed to address different purposes: Hyper-pigmentation, Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles and Fine Lines and Wrinkles Recovery…


What Makes Meladerm Cream so Unique?

Meladerm doesn’t only focus on lightening the skin; in fact, it seems to be a side effect of dealing with other skin problems that come with aging.

The unique blend of ingredients in the Meladerm skin lightener assures that you will see results in your skin.
The amount of research put into the Meladerm cream also makes it unique in comparison to other products on the market – other products may have the same ingredients, but not put together in the same way and definitely not with the same results.

Meladerm Benefits


Meladerm Pros and Cons

– Does NOT contain any harmful or strong ingredients – all natural ingredients
– Helps with a variety of issues, including fine lines and wrinkles
– 4 years of research and clinical trials before it was put on the market
– You can see results in as early as 2 weeks into use.
– 30 day risk free refund
– Considered one of the best skin lighteners on the market today.

– Increased sensitivity to the sun
– Not FDA approved
– You may experience extreme dryness for the first week or so, which can result in some skin cracking
– Slight irritation reported in some users


Meladerm Cream Reviews


Meladerm vs Revitol Skin Brightener Comparison Table

Please see below an in-depth comparison analysis between the two solutions… Click here to visit my  thorough Revitol Skin Brightener review



Meladerm Skin Lightening Cream

Revitol Skin Brightener Cream

Short term Effectiveness

First results within 2 weeks

You may start to see results of skin glowing and vitality within a couple of weeks. However, as the cream rejuvenates your skin from the inside, serious results may take some time

Long term Effectiveness

2-3 months from start but depends on the individual skin condition and physiology

The cream methodology is to work slow and safe and to obtain long lasting results. Thus, it may take a few months 2-4 months to see best results

Known Side Effects

Dryness & slight irritation of the skin for the first week. You should stay away from the sun

No known side effects unless you are allergic to one of the natural ingredients. Not recommended for pregnant nursing women, and ones that are on medications

Quality of Ingredients

Contains only safe active ingredients with NO harmful active ingredients. Most ingredients are pure natural

100% all natural ingredients

Product Uniqueness

4 Years of research & development generated a product with the right ingredients, right concentrations and right carriers for full effectives and true amazing result

Very affordable. Considered the cheapest working solution today. Furthermore, it smoothes and rejuvenates your skin for better younger looking results

Clinically Proven Results

4 Years of clinical trials and proven results before released

Clinically tested via various clinical trials

FDA Approved



Skin Types Tolerance

May be problematic with very dry or sensitive skin

No known various skin types problems – Good for all types

Risk Free Refund

30 day risk free refund

No risk free refund but with your first order you may receive a FREE month supply

Customer Experiences

Great customer reviews! Considered one of the best top rated skin lightening cream today!

Overall good customer reviews. There are reviews stating it’s a wonderful great product where as some state it did not help apart from nourishing & rejuvenating the skin

Company Service

Very good

Very good

Company Reputation

Civant company is highly appreciated

Revitol company is highly appreciated

Prices & Discounts

1 bottle 1.7oz – $49.99, 1 bottle 3.4oz – $79.99

Obtain 1 tube – $29.95, 2 tubes – $5 discount, 3 tubes – receive 1 tube for FREE, 4 tubes – get 2 tubes for FREE

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