Many of us use a foundation to conceal spots, to even out complexion or even as a makeup base. But using chemical-laden foundation does no good! Want to give DIY Foundation a try?

Let me tell you, doing a foundation isn’t quite easy. In fact, it is quite tricky and I would advise you start off with other simple recipes listed here, to get a feel of DIY makeup stuff, then try this one.

It is quite tricky because, it covers your entire face, needs to cover a good 8 – 12 hours, shouldn’t clog your pores and most importantly, should match your skin tone. Isn’t it? Isn’t that what you expect from your foundation?


Arrowroot Powder (Base)

Jojoba Oil – Optional

Cinnamon Powder

Cocoa Powder


Cocoa Pwdr


There’s no right or wrong combinations for foundation. It is as simple as combining the ingredients to match your skin tone and then your requirement!

For example, I took 1 Tsp. of Arrowroot powder, because I have dusky complexion. But if you are fair, you could take 1 Tbsp. instead.

Now, add the other powders one after the other, till you get the right hue / tone.

Of course, it would be a powdery foundation, but you add a few drops of Jojoba Oil to make it tighter. For the measurement of 1 Tsp., I tried about 5 – 6 drops to get compact like consistency. You can add more or less to get the desired consistency. Since we are using Jojoba Oil, it does not clog your pores or leave a greasy look.

Once done, add it to a comfortable box and apply using a brush.

Tweaking the Recipe

You can skip the oil entirely, if you are OK with a powdery texture like me!

You can vary the proportions of cinnamon, cocoa and nutmeg, till you get your desired consistency.

I have a fairly sensitive skin, but did not have a problem with using cinnamon in this mix. In fact, I love that my acne reduces with use! But some do say their skin is left red after using cinnamon powder.

Important Points to Consider

Just because it is natural, does not mean it is GOOD! Of course, nature is our best friend. But, even the most poisonous toxins are natural! NO, I am not scaring you. I am trying to tell, when you use natural products, you must determine what works for you best. You are the best judge to determine what works for your skin or for your requirements.

A very good example is the egg mask! While some say egg mask works wonders for them, some say they are left with horrible acne and scars for the first time in their life, after using it. I have not given exact proportions so you can choose the right combination that works for you!

While cocoa, nutmeg and cinnamon all work wonders for your skin, you need to identify the right combination to get that flawless look.

While I did not get it right the first time and had to use different combinations, this one worked well for me.

I did not use cornstarch, though it is considered as a good substitute because it promotes bacterial growth. Also, I loved the texture and sheen of arrowroot powder better than whitish corn flour.

You might or might not like the results the first few times you use it, depending on the combination chosen or because of how much you are used to commercial foundations. But, this is all-natural, does a good job and does not contain chemicals. You know what goes in and can make alternations depending on your requirements.

I particularly love that cinnamon powder gives a nice sheen look, or slight shimmering effect. So I add a few pinches of cinnamon powder additionally, to get a nice glow.

Among the many variations I tried, this one works best for me. You could give this recipe a try and let us know how it worked for you. I hope you are able to find the right combination for your skin soon and enjoy the natural foundation recipe. Your skin will love you for this! If you don’t have time for DIY recipes, or not comfortable with trials, try Revitol products for your skincare needs.

I love exploring ,analyzing and writing about health related issues and natural solutions for our skin and health... Thanks for stopping by, reading my post and I hope it helped you and gave you the information needed!