The Skinception Illuminatural 6i serum is considered one of the top skin lightening solutions available today in the market… Furthermore, it offers a unique 90 days money back guarantee and by then you will be able to see whether it works for you or not :-)

As there are a lot of skin lightening alternatives, I have tried to gather here an in-depth honest comparison analysis between the Skinception Illuminatural 6i and the Revitol Skin Brightener

Note that since everyone has its own preferences and navigating guidelines, you will need to read this review analysis and figure out what will be best for you…

What is the Skinception Illuminatural-6i Serum?

Skinception Illuminatural 6iSkinception has created the illuminatural-6i skin lightening product that promises to get rid of sun spots, age spots, freckles, old scars, and unsightly birthmarks.

The illuminatural-6i cream is a skin lightener that can reduce significantly skin damage at any level and for any period of time. Your skin is never too far gone with this valuable topical solution.

In the illuminatural-6i solution, there are 6 active ingredients (hence the name).

Illuminatural 6i-Ingredients is designed to address the following functions: Reduce hyper-pigmentation, skin whitening, reduce the melanin levels.

Illuminatural-6i also contains plant-based sun filters, anti-inflammatory substances, vitamins, and a host of other ingredients that encourage skin health and moisture without making it oily.


What Makes Illuminatural-6i so Unique?

The unique part of Illuminatural-6i is that it focuses on the natural, 28-day cycle of cell regeneration.
It helps dead, pigmented cells disappear while, at the same time, creates new, lightened skin cells that come to the surface.

Following this natural cycle allows for a natural, and permanent, lightening that you really can’t find with any other product that’s out there.

Illuminatural 6i Benefits


Skinception Illuminatural-6i Pros and Cons

– 90 day risk free refund
– Very quick results
– The ingredients are clinically proven
– Doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients
– Doesn’t clog skin pores
– Can also be used as Makeup Base
– Skin looks brighter and sun spots start to disappear

– Generates a smell that you have to get used to.
– May take awhile to see full improvement, even after quick initial results
– Can be quite pricey compared to other skin lighteners
– Hard to find – you can really only find it online


Illuminatural 6i


Illuminatural-6i vs Revitol Skin Brightener Comparison

Please see below an in-depth comparison analysis between the Illuminatural 6i serum and the Revitol Skin Brightener… Click here to visit my  thorough Revitol Skin Brightener review



Illuminatural-6i Skin Lightening

Revitol Skin Brightener Cream

Short term Effectiveness

First results within the 4 weeks

Results of skin glowing and vitality should be seen within a couple of weeks. However, since the cream rejuvenates your skin from the inside out, serious results may take 2-4 months with a daily use…

Long term Effectiveness

Best results should appear within 90 days from start

The aim is to work slow but safe and to obtain long lasting results. Thus, it may take a few months 2-4 months to see best results, again if use daily

Known Side Effects

Accompanied by a strong smell when applied to skin

No known side effects unless you are allergic to one of the natural ingredients. Not recommended for pregnant or for nursing women. Furthermore,  not recommended for ones that are on medications

Quality of Ingredients

Contains only safe active ingredients, no problematic active ingredients. Most ingredients are natural based

All ingredients are natural and safe

Product Uniqueness

Works closely together with the natural skin life cycle of 28 days to achieve maximum results within 3 cycles

Extremely affordable. Considered to be the cheapest working solution today. Furthermore, it smoothes, rejuvenates and nurishes your skin for best results

Clinically Proven Results

Contains 6 clinically proven active ingredients

Clinically tested via various clinical trials

FDA Approved



Skin Types Tolerance

No known specific skin types issues

Basically the cream is good for all skin types – No known various skin types problems…

Risk Free Refund

90 day risk free refund

There is no risk free refund but with your first order you may receive a FREE month supply

Customer Experiences

Overall good customer reviews. People declared seeing first results within 4 weeks. Best results may vary but the 90 days risk free refund makes it easy to try

Overall good customer reviews. There are reviews stating it’s a wonderful great product where as some state it did not help apart from smoothing & rejuvenating the skin to look younger

Company Service

Very good

Very good

Company Reputation

Skinception company is highly appreciated

Revitol company is highly appreciated

Prices & Discounts

1 bottle 1.7oz – $49.95. Obtain 3 bottles for $117.95 and receive a bonus gift

Obtain 1 tube – $29.95, 2 tubes – $5 discount, 3 tubes – receive 1 tube for FREE, 4 tubes – get 2 tubes for FREE

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