There are so many reasons to smile when memories of pregnancy strike a couple. Especially, the woman is extremely excited and the situations that she underwent are remembered with a smile on her face, which is quite sweet…

Even while these memories can be cherishing, stretch marks that appeared during the pregnancy and after the child was born was not so welcoming. Stretch marks occur in a person for varied reasons. Whether a person just gave birth to a child or lost weight suddenly, when the skin shrinks after a prolonged time of expansion,  stretch marks become unavoidable.

Researches done on Stretch Marks and Genetics

Stretch marks are disturbing to see and hard to get rid of. However, for some, it could be a challenging feat as the marks never seem to fade away or disappear. Recently, researchers have been stuck with the question “are stretch marks gene related” and are researching on diverse scenarios to come up with an answer. Their conclusions can give a breather to some and heart ache to others. It has been proven that stretch marks are indeed genetic, to some extent. The research outcome showed that there were four genetic markers that were associated with people with stretch marks.

Stretch Marks are Very Common

So, does this mean that stretch marks will continue to recur no matter how much effort is put in order to get rid of it? Not quite. Stretch marks are very common in nature and almost 60-75 percent of the people will have stretch marks of some sort. Either it would be because of pregnancy, or abrupt change in weight or the occasional body building changes as a result of a massive gym practice. No matter what the cause is, most of us do get it at some point. Hence panicking will not do any good but only make them look a little more flagrant, in the eye of the beholder.

Whatever said and done, loss of beauty due to stretch marks is overrated. Since it is a very common issue for many, there is no reason to worry. Though this can cause embarrassment to many, learning to overcome the problem and achieving stretch marks free skin is important.

Pregnant Woman No Stretch Marks

Natural Ways to Cure Stretch Marks

Nowadays, there is a cure for almost everything under the sun. I believe that nature has the best medicines & ingredients for most problems . There are a lot of natural ways to get rid of stretch marks, like the ones given below.

Wheat Germ Oil: Wheat germ oil is considered as an effective aid against stretch marks. Though there are not too many evidences that could back this theory, there was one research that proved wheat germ oil might get rid of stretch marks, recently.

One of the known and effective ways to get rid of stretch marks is by using Glycolic acid, which increases collagen production as it is an alpha hydroxy acid.

Besides, vitamin C and peptide containing products are considered to help curing stretch marks as well.

Genetic stretch marks could be cured using natural solutions and remedies. There is a specific DNA gene that is related to stretch marks, particularly during pregnancy. This elastin gene is responsible for elastin production and is considered to help body skin tissues expand and contract, in an orderly fashion without causing stretch marks in the body. As mentioned, stretch marks are very common and aren’t considered dangerous. Some causes include weight gain, pregnancy, lack of proper exercise, etc. To get healthy skin and to avoid stretch marks, it is good to exercise regularly and not go for drastic measures to lose weight abruptly.


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