Today, women probably think that a man first notices the eyebrows of a girl. A lot of psychologists on the internet say how the eyes of a girl comes first when it comes to attractiveness and women have just gone an inch wrong, could be a presumption!

All that said and done, not one can deny the fact that the word “threading” is in every women’s thought. Threading has gained so much popularity lately in the U.S and there are so many positive facts that could prove the same. Click to learn about an all natural painless solution called: Revitol Hair Removal Cream

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Threading Hair Removal – The Painful Method that is Gaining Popularity

Threading has become a very big business now and women prefer to do it once a month. Now, popular means it is a relaxing process right? Wrong! Threading is indeed a painful process and, is not even a new method. It is an ancient method that was used in the olden days in Middle Eastern Countries, and women are going after it these days. It is quite surprising for a method like this to gain in popularity, particularly in the West, as it is something radical to the western mind.

Waxing and tweezing have fast become the obsolete method, while threading has gained in popularity. The method is ridiculously simple. There is a cotton thread taken from a spool and the beautician who has mastered it, grips the same in a certain way, to create the shape of a scissor. This thread is then rolled on one’s skin in a certain way, until the hair is pulled off from the skin. This sure is a little faster than tweezing, as a set of hair is pulled away from the eyebrow, which makes it faster.

The fact that it is painful cannot be utterly thwarted, but it is something that many are ready to tolerate saying it is nothing more than a pinching sensation. However, the irritation and sometimes mild bleeding that follows, is very much true. This also means that it hurts more than tweezing, as threading removes a bunch of hair all at once. Nevertheless, there is one advantage that women really bank on – threading lasts longer! Besides, it does more than waxing because it removes hair from its roots.  This would last for around four weeks. However, like waxing and epilation, threading can cause ingrown hair – Ouch!

The views about threading are ambivalent, where some are thinking of it as the ultimate way to get rid of facial hair and some think of it as a disgusting technique. Some cut the thread with their teeth, which could be a disgusting thing, but this is purely subjective and cannot be taken as a factor to count this method down. It is by all means a cleaner and much safer way to get hair removed, as the cotton thread used for threading is only used once, and barely makes contact with the skin.

How to go about Threading?

It is painful, but then the benefits do make a change for which it has become one of the most popular techniques today. It is clean, safe, faster and cheaper, which gets the job done pretty fast. With so many advantages, women overlook the pain to “get stunning looks.” There is a proviso though. It is advisable to go to an expert who would do the process of threading correctly, as rookies can get things seriously wrong, which would spoil that special date for which this fussy method is adhered to! Nobody wants that to happen, after all!

It has gained popularity for a reason. Even though this article might seem to portray its negatives in a sardonic manner, it is a great technique to get hair removed from the eyebrows and give it a good shape. It is not very expensive, which means it is value for money, which everyone deems mandatory today. It is clean, which gives a comfort feeling when one walks to the parlor to get this procedure done. Above all, it lasts longer so there’s no need to go back to do the same process within a fortnight, which might not be the most happiest few minutes of their life to get that good looks. However, the outcome is a properly shaped eyebrow that could really attract someone in the first gaze and get the work done!

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