Believe it or not, the diet of a person is directly proportional to how a person’s skin tone and health is. In this post-structural world today, a lot of people spend eye watering amounts of money into looking good and enhancing the way their skin looks. Why? Picture perfect skin is something that everyone wants to have and that one perfect celebrity look is something that drives people to the point of pouring acids of all sorts to the skin just to disinfect, detoxify it and what not!

Best Foods For Healthy Skin Tone

Most of this is because of a heavy influence of commercials that appear when one turns on the television, browses internet or just use any other social media platform. Many are convinced to believe that to get great looks, expensive creams are to be used to get the best results. While this might or might not be true, there is an effective way to get the good skin tone and health without all these hassles or steep expenditure. Do you know this method is also simple and doable? Yes, it’s watching what you eat! Unlike what the cosmetic industry might advertise, good diet would bring considerable change in one’s skin tone.

Strawberries for Healthy Skin

Basically, a good diet nourishes the body and only excess nutrition goes for skin, hair, finger nails, etc. Body functioning and health get first priority, followed by the rest. If the food that is consumed is done so in a specific way that will target better skin tone, one could significantly improve the way their skin looks and feels. Nutrition gets translated into skin health and greater skin tone. This article covers such foods, which are guaranteed to give good results. Even costly products can never promise results, but good food goes a long way and might become a lifesaving and cost effective way to get that perfect look.

You Are What You Eat

The rule of the thumb for a healthy skin is to keep things simple, and healthy. How is that possible?

*Avoid boxed items.

*Anything that is packed and fresh is a complete no, as it might contain preservatives and loses its nutrition value by the time it reaches the consumer.

*Fresh fruits are good for the skin.

*It is good to avoid processed sugar from the diet.

*The best way to get optimum results from a natural diet is to pile up your plate with fruits and veggies of different colors. This helps in adding Vitamins and minerals and in vitamins, it adds the valuable A, C and E.

*Zinc is again an important factor in skin tone and hence stacking up a lot of nuts and dark green leafy vegetables are very good.

Garlic for Healthy Skin

What about Fats & Proteins?

Fats and proteins are also important. It is well known that proteins are the buildings blocks of the body and this goes for the skin too. You can consume nuts, which are rich in healthy fats and proteins. Vitamin E is a good source for enhancing skin health, which is where almonds and sunflower seeds can come in handy. Instead of stacking up the shelves with expensive creams, which might possibly have side effects, one could easily get these fruits and nuts. They not only enrich one’s skin, they contribute to one’s health, as well.  Not just for your skin, even for hair, it is best to do treatments from within where the root follicle is located.

Healthy cell membranes are important to have shiny skin. For this, foods rich in Omega fatty acids are ideal, which is where wild salmon can help. It must be noted that vitamins, fatty acids, zinc and other ingredients that are present in fruits, vegetables or other natural sources, should not be replaced with artificial supplements. Artificial supplements aren’t always accepted by our body and might have repercussions that are undesirable. If one could get grass fed beef, fish oil, flaxseeds, healthy fats and proteins, there’s no better way to enhance your diet than with these!  Researches done on pro-biotic milk prove it’s aids with digestion, a reason why many now invest in pro-biotic milk. It not only helps with digestion, but also keeps your skin healthy and happy.

To improve one’s skin health and tone, expensive creams (read chemical laden) are not the only option. The best way to get your skin right, healthy and happy is to keep things natural and that is by consuming natural foods for healthy skin, which will keep one’s mood and health in check. Further, it also makes your skin beautiful.

P.S. – Healthy skin diet is one of the most important aspects to keep your skin vital, young looking, glowing and healthy… In addition, as mentioned above, some healthy foods may help to cure skin disorders and skin aging…
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