When you are young, life sounds exciting and fun-filled. You have absolutely nothing to worry about and having fun seems to be the only thing that needs doing. But, all this seems to change with age. Aging is a natural process and there are changes in an individual’s physiology and psychology.

In every stage of a person’s life, different types of challenges and problems crop up, due to the transition that happens. With aging, the main issues that crop up including age spots, wrinkles, blemishes and stretch marks – Read the all natural Revitol Stretch Mark Cream for more information how to get rid of stretch marks the natural way…

Not only due to aging, stretch marks could be due to various other reasons, as well. Here, we are going to understand what stretch marks really are and discuss the possible reasons for its occurrence in one’s body. Besides, we will also look at handling stretch marks or keeping it at bay.

Pregnant Women


What are Stretch Marks All About?

Have you ever wondered how your skin manages when you grow up? How it retains its sheen and also, adapts to your growing body size? Human skin is elastic, which are why we do not become mummies when we grow up! Our skin expands and contracts during times of need and for most part, does it to perfection.

However, there are times when the elasticity does not work like it is supposed to during specific scenarios like a rapid weight loss or weight gain, or pregnancy, triggering stretch marks. Rapid growth of skin is one of the main reasons, while the drastic growth or reduction rate with less time for adapting is also blamed. Irrespective of the cause, stretch marks aren’t desirable. It reduces the charm and beauty of the individual and makes them look elderly.

When you put on weight drastically and reduce, despite being the fact that the skin is elastic it is unable to cope up with the abrupt gain and loss, which affects the collagen production resulting in stretch marks.


Collagen is the major protein that connects skin tissues and keeps them together. Stretch marks aren’t abnormal or signify a problem. Many of us do get stretch marks from time to time and it is normal. In women it appears around thighs, hips, breasts and buttocks. Besides, it is a very common phenomenon during pregnancy. Though more common in women, men aren’t spared either! Though obese individuals are prone to stretch marks, fit individuals can get it too! Bodybuilders have stretch marks, as they keep changing their body shape rapidly. If steroid containing supplements are taken, stretch marks are inevitable.

Stretch marks usually appear as reddish or pinkish lines, which will be a little different than the skin that surrounds the area. This in due time turns lighter and lighter and eventually disappears with time. But for those out there who are keen on wearing revealing clothes to showcase their body, stretch marks are not desirable and they’re often ready to go to any lengths to get it removed.

Not just women who intend to wear revealing clothes, models and even homemakers who want to look beautiful don’t prefer stretch marks. There are many ways to eliminate or reduce stretch marks, including using creams, home remedies, oils, supplements or even laser therapy or as a last resort – surgery!

Laser therapy requires expert assistance and huge equipment, meaning it is going to cost a lot of money. So not everyone can choose it and yet, it comes with side-effects often. Surgeries are similar too, which means, we need to look at other options.

A suitable option is one that is cost-effective and efficient at lightening or removing stretch marks.  I am not for harmful or invasive procedures including surgeries, since they do more harm than good. Besides, for a cosmetic problem like stretch marks, I would like to turn to nature and look at options that will heal the area and recover the lost elasticity and sheen.

Many different creams are launched every other day, though not all work. Those that work don’t have uniform results in different individuals.  The key is identifying an all-natural product that works for any skin type, or individual. With internet at your disposal, you could check for options and procure the product of your choice right from home. I personally found Revitol Stretch Mark Cream effective and side-effects free.

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I love exploring ,analyzing and writing about health related issues and natural solutions for our skin and health... Thanks for stopping by, reading my post and I hope it helped you and gave you the information needed!